Technical Support

Professional eCommerce 24/7 Support

In the world of web hosting it is very uncommon for hosting companies to support third party software. e-Business Express is the exception. We offer email and phone support for all of the products that we host. Additionally, all support costs are included in your hosting fees.

Need some assistance?

You can use our online help desk to create a support ticket or call 1-877-907-3277 for assistance. Registering for a support account at our help desk grants you access to submit support tickets. Submitting a support ticket gives you the ability to have multiple eyes on an issue at once.

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Telephone Support

In addition to our support services available online and via email, we offer telephone support where knowledgeable customer service representatives are available to answer your questions 24/7 at 1-877-907-3277.

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MIVA Merchant Support

We design, develop, host and support MIVA Merchant. MIVA is the most popular e-commerce platform in its class today. As a result many developers have developed plug-in modules for MIVA. The up side to this is greater store functionality through add-on modules to support such functions as PayPal payment acceptance, Discount Tracking, email newsletters, etc. The down side is support typically must be provided on a module-by-module basis by the developer of each module. e-Business Express provides a single source for all your MIVA Merchant support needs including the modules.

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e-Business Express Knowledgebase

Our clients have access to the e-Business Express knowledgebase 24 hours a day. Knowledgebase articles include frequently asked questions from how to setup Outlook email addresses to how to create a database in MySQL.

Click e-Business Express Knowledgebase to view our extensive knowledgebase articles.

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User Guides

A 230-page e-Business Express user guide is incorporated into your hosting control panel covering how to instructions for all features included in our hosting plans. Additionally, an online WebMail guide is provided as a quick reference to get you started using Web Mail. You will find our user guides conveniently located in your Hosting Control Panel.

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Development Services

In addition to our regular support services, e-Business Express development specialists are available to work with you on design, development and promoting your web site. Pricing for these services is available on an hourly or project basis.

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Online Incident Tracking System

We know you can't afford down time. That's why we utilize the best-in-class support systems to protect your online business. Our support systems include an online incident tracking system, daily incremental and weekly full backups, and 24-hour site monitor. Also, our web servers are equipped with hot swap Seagate Barracuda/Cheetah drives and dual-redundant hot swap power supplies to ensure your business stays online all the time.

If you have any questions or needs for support, be sure to utilize our support ticket system for assistance.

Use the Technical Support Desk to reach our online support ticket system. If you have not created a support account, you will need to register first before creating a support ticket.

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