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Google Web Hosting

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Google Web Hosting

Using Google web hosting can be an temporary measure to your site building needs.

Google web hosting is a great way of creating free websites to share information with friends and family. The whole point of a web hosting service is to give an individual chance to upload their own website to the Internet so that it can be seen by others who also have a connection to the Internet. This addition to the Google brand is great way of creating complex and interesting websites without spending large amounts of money that many companies want in order to design a site. However, complex websites also coincide with complex website design and that is where e-Business Express comes in. We offer custom web design and development, which will incorporate the client into the process every step of the way. In this way, you will have the perfect site that you have been looking for, while we do the work for you, allowing you to allocate your time and efforts where it is needed elsewhere. Learn more about our custom web design and sign up now for a website development quote.

A website allows individuals to publish their thoughts or knowledge on a public portal, and others who have access to the Internet can then search and find this information and view the page exactly as it has been designed by the author. With a single click publishing option, the Google site allows users to:

  • create websites from templates
  • upload files just that they would with regular websites
  • handy widgets and other integrated elements
  •  the author can create a very professional looking website in minutes with little to no knowledge of web programming.

The service is free and fairly easy to use, however the templates can be confusing and often cluttered with unnecessary elements. Most large web companies already have their own websites and for some, in-house programmers and IT specialists along with their own server room for secure and powerful hosting, smaller companies may not have the funds to set up this kind of system. A website gives the company chance to branch out and peeled to more customers and like-minded individuals, and without a website many companies miss out on a huge chunk of profits. Google web hosting allows these companies a simple and affordable option to bridge the gap between complete Internet invisibility and having a website that caters to their  needs. The solution offered by Google is by no means complete, and is definitely not a replacement for a well-designed company websites, but it does offer some flexibility for those who need to get information out onto the Internet, and templates offered by the hosting service.

However, if you are searching for that complete, expert look with the details that you are looking for, e-Business Express can aid you in this new enterprise. We offer affordable solutions to not only web design, but also functionality and features. e-Business Express uses Miva Merchant software and modules for your company, such as Miva Mobile. This detects a customer that is accessing your site from a mobile device and will switch your site to “mobile mode”, making it easier for your potential clients to view and purchase your products or services. You can learn more about Miva Merchant and the services offered here.

Web hosting accounts normally cost anything between $10 and $100 per month, and accounts on dedicated servers with specialist hardware and software can cost even more than this. This is why it is wise for a company to make the decision carefully about what kind of web hosting they want to opt for. When it comes to making a website quickly in the interim, Google sites service can help:

  • Getting the company get up and running without risking any money on hosting contracts and web designers
  • Gives  you a trial run before you know what they want from their provider
  • Great concept as a test run for any ideas you may have

Make sure to run these ideas by your audience, so they can give feedback that can help when designing the permanent website. It can also help the company understand the importance of having a decent web page that is easily accessible to the current clients and also potential new clients. This is where e-Business Express comes in. After you have finished your trial and developed the understanding of what you want your website to be and the ideas that you have for it, you can discuss with our experts to set up a plan of action and development. We offer four different web hosting solutions; e-commerce, shared, VPS and dedicated server hosting. As well as that special look and feel that you have been searching for in your company web site. Our specialists will work with you every step of the way to set up the web hosting and site options that you want.

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