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What Are SEO Plans?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of enhancing the website or a web page’s visibility in a search engine’s natural or unpaid organic search results. Generally speaking, the ones ranked higher or those on the first page of a search engine, generates more traffic or more visitors from the search engine’s users. As an internet marketing strategy, SEO plans consider how search engine works. SEO plans take into account what most people popularly search for and the keywords that are often used to generate high traffic towards a website.


There are some SEO plans and techniques that are not really in line with the search engine rules and regulations. This type of technique is known as the black hat technique which attempts to improve search rankings in ways that are disapproved by the search engines because it involves deception. This technique uses hidden text or colored text similar to the page background. Others use this technique to manipulate rankings by using keywords that are not really related to the real content of the article. Another SEO plan or technique is the white hat SEO which is widely accepted by all search engines. White Hat SEO is not merely following guidelines it is also about ensuring that the keywords and the contents that the search engines are indexing are literally the same as the article content that all the search engine’s users will see. There’s no method of deception in white Hat SEO plans.


SEO plans should be designed according to the needs and demands of the SEO clients. Search engines often change their algorithms and may sometimes stop sending visitors to a website, if the SEO plans rely or depend highly on the search engine optimization, a big problem may occur on the maintenance of user traffic to the website. It is therefore important that SEO plans do not rely only on the SEO tools but more so, the keywords utilized on the content article. Once the website has established the content and the keywords are ensured to be popularly used by the users, no matter how search engines change their algorithmic methods, there will always be traffic towards the website.


SEO plans should be able to handle different changes and still be ale to ensure clients that there will always be a sound strategy in place should there be any changes. Thorough analysis of the keywords is also very important because keywords are the most important tool used in SEO marketing. There should be regular scanning and tracking of SEO campaigns to maximize search engine result rankings. Onsite and offsite optimization should also be taken into consideration. Each website should be carefully scanned for all the links that go in and out of the page. Keywords should also be carefully chosen so that the best possible keywords for the content article will be used after thorough elimination. Lastly, to ensure great and steady traffic on a web page or website, the page itself should be properly crafted and articles should be captivating. It helps if the keywords are popular and the terms used are easy to understand.

Miva SEO 101

Miva SEO utilizes custom-made SEO plans designed to meet the needs and demands of the SEO clients that Miva SEO has. There are several ways on how Miva SEO helps clients bring highly qualified traffic to their site. First, with the usage of Miva SEO tools, they analyze several areas of the client’s website. They perform thorough scanning of the website links and content structures. A second scan will be thoroughly performed so that Miva SEO can filter the inbound links to the website. Then a third scan will be done to complete the analysis and baseline setting which is the first phase of Miva SEO integration. After the baseline metric has been identified and measured, onsite optimization will take place.


All items identified in the SEO scans will be optimized. They will also incorporate the best practices observed by the prominent search engines for ranking which includes short URLs, title tags, image title tags, alt tags, Meta keywords, Meta descriptions, XML Site map and snippets. The third stage for Miva SEO integration is the keyword research, recommendation and collaboration. Keyword selection is very critical when it comes to marketing and online traffic generation. It can make or break an SEO campaign.


Miva SEO performs additional three important steps to ensure that best selection of keywords is utilized. First, they study the client’s site rankings as well as the other competitors in the same industry. Second, they run a scan of other possible keywords that are related to the client’s business to be used in the site. And third, they will compare and contrast the keywords provided by the client with the keywords they have gathered online and eliminate the weaker ones. This ensures that the keywords that will be used are basically the best possible keywords for the enterprise.


After onsite optimization and keyword research, the fourth stage to SEO integration used by Miva SEO is the offsite optimization. Offsite optimization utilizes links that point back to the client’s website to improve the site’s rankings. This technique is known as “cloud cover technique”. This is where RSS feeds and social networking sites come into the picture. As the campaign continued on, it is very important to maintain monthly meetings or collaboration on SEO updates and trends. This is to ensure that the tracking and ranking of the client’s website maintains highly qualified traffic from all over the internet. Consultation and tracking also allows the clients to monitor their own keywords at any given time. A prominent search engine’s analytics are also utilized to track the conversions, bounce rate growth, traffic, sources and many more. Webmaster tools are also utilized to ensure that the site is constantly monitored and crawled over by the prominent search engines. Lastly, a crawler views the entire site to help identify other SEO issues. Crawlers also help fix if there are broken links on the site or not. After all these stages are completed, your SEO campaign will surely be successful in generating high traffic towards your website.

What Miva Mobile Could Offer You

The revolution in technology paved the way to the usage of mobile phones not only for communication purposes but also for commercial transactions. Miva merchants can now enjoy unlimited benefits to using Miva mobile in their day-to-day business and online transactions. Miva mobile allows quick and easy translation of Miva merchant online store to mobile marketplace. Mobile customers are also automatically detected when online by Miva mobile and the site translates to mobile mode right away. This makes it more effective for mobile customers to navigate the site making it easier for them to sort through the products presented online.


Miva mobile also gives mobile customers access to full site even when it is in mobile mode. They can toggle through various sites on their smart phones. There is also basic and advanced integration of mobile specific page templates and fully customizable mobile look and feel with the use of Miva mobile. This feature enables mobile customers to create and personalize their own page according to their own preference. The site also contains global header and footer and mobile optimized lay-out. Because of this feature, the presentation and organization of products and pages on the site becomes easier and attractive with Miva mobile. As a result, it gets more attention than any other site of similar products and contents. Miva mobile also support third party modules. Coupons, Gift certificates and tool kits are also integrated on the Miva mobile site. Furthermore, since most of the clients depend on Miva mobile for commercial or business transactions, product reviews within the site also allows the mobile customers to voice out their opinions about the product and in turn, make their recommendations or advice to the owner. This makes transaction a lot more personal and up-close. Rapport between the store owner and the customer is established in friendly terms.


Another good thing about online stores is that there are product templates that can be zoomed in so that the product can be properly examined. Each feature of the product needs to be explained in detail as well as certain specifications, model type and serial numbers. Accessories are also featured for maximum product endorsement. This feature is most necessary with products in line with gadgets, machines and electronics. Product specification and brand are the two most important aspect of the product which potential buyers first look into. Is it a well-known and established brand? Is it original? Is it brand-new? Is it touch-screen or non-touch? These are just some of the things that mobile buyers tend to ask first. It is then very important to show the products online in such a way that every feature is magnified. If the deal is done online or through mobile, the payment processing should also be carefully integrated on the site. Online transactions feel more secured when all the pertinent and important information are laid down before the deal is closed. This way, the mobile customers will certainly go back to your site again and buy another product and probably this time, with other potential buyers who can help expand your business network.

Miva Merchant SEO – An Overview

If you are an online entrepreneur or merchant for that matter, the first thing that you have to be mindful of is the traffic or the number of highly qualified views to your site or to your online store. A lot of people create their own website and try to market their products only to find out that their website does not elicit good traffic. This is basically the reason why a lot of online merchants market their product through established online shopping malls where traffic is already highly generated. No matter how good your website is, if it cannot generate high traffic, your products will not be sold away. This is why Miva merchant SEO is a good choice. Being a Miva Merchant, SEO or traffic is the least of your worries because the site has already endured 9 years of experience in the industry and has already established highly qualified and trustworthy clientele which customers and buyers flock to in shopping online. The expertise of those working for Miva Merchant SEO ensures that the sites will stay on top of the latest algorithm changes providing clients new strategies in place if needed. Miva Merchant SEO specialists have specifically designed SEO plans to meet the needs and demands of their every SEO clients. Thorough analysis performed by Miva Merchant SEO specialists also determines the perfect blend of onsite and offsite optimization in every project therein.


As a Miva Merchant, SEO is very important. It is the lifeline of your business online. Without traffic, your online store is nothing. Imagine a website without any traffic; this is very similar to a store without any customers. If your business is online, you have to make your site accessible to online buyers. There are many ways on how to make your site accessible to public and one of them is through Miva Merchant SEO. There are techniques on keywords that are utilized by prominent search engines and Miva Merchant SEO specialists know exactly how to play the rules to ensure that their clients’ site stays on top of the search engine ratings. With Miva Merchant SEO specialists, the clients are assured that they don’t have to do anything to generate traffic because their website will certainly generate traffic either onsite or offsite.


Less worry means more opportunities for growth and business development. More traffic means more profit. More profits means business expansion and success. If you think doing business online is not possible, think again. If you think earning money online is just a word of mouth, start believing because it happens for real. Many have tried; a lot have started; some of them failed and many others have become successful. It only takes one step forward; careful research and planning; a large network of people you truly trust; courage to start something worthwhile and one good website which can ensure highly qualified traffic to your website. With all these, you can never go wrong with your business online.

Introducing Miva Merchant Mobile

With the advent of technology, business and shopping has never been so accessible until recently. There’s no need to commute or walk to a shopping mall when the nearest store is just on the palm of your hands. If you have a Smart phone, certainly you can have access anytime anywhere to shopping deals and updates through Miva Merchant mobile. Likewise, if you are an online entrepreneur, Miva Merchant mobile is certainly the most suitable and most recommended phone application for your business enterprise. If you are a Miva merchant, Miva Merchant mobile allows you to expand your Miva 5.5 online store to a fully functional mobile store. There’s no better way to extend your online store to the mobile commerce market place than using Miva Merchant mobile.


With the utilization of Miva Merchant mobile, every mobile customer is detected and the online site will automatically change to a mobile mode to appropriately meet the needs and expectations of mobile customers. Mobile mode is optimized and customized for each and every mobile customer that enters the site. Miva Merchant mobile makes it easier for your mobile customers to navigate your website.


What are the benefits of being a Miva Merchant mobile? First, your products or online store as a whole become accessible and viewable anywhere through smart phones. Today, most people carry smart phones with them so shopping becomes one click away. Secondly, as a Miva merchant, your online store becomes more organized and navigable with the optimization of the products online. Thirdly, the automatic mobile mode feature of Miva Merchant mobile helps you save time instead of creating a separate site for mobile users. Lastly, with the use of Miva merchant mobile, you can manage your online store in the most effective, efficient and practical way.


No matter where you are, if you are a true entrepreneur, no one should stop you from establishing your own enterprise. Expanding your network becomes an easy task if you know how to make use of the features online. Once you have expanded your network, marketing your line of products online should be the next priority. The more accessible your online store becomes the easier it gets for people to buy your products. Making money on line is the trend now. Do not let yourself be left behind. Do a lot of research. This way, you will be able to find out what most people buy. Be mindful of the season and make sure that your products go with every season. Let your friends try it first and if they liked it, let them offer it to someone else. Word of mouth is certainly the best way to expand your network. As a Miva Merchant, these things are certainly the least of your priorities. Miva mobile gives you the power to control your online store and customize your website. It enables you to do multi-tasking without compromising the quality of your efforts. With just one touch, you can personalize your business approach. With just one touch, customers find you…with just one touch, profit comes to you.

Miva Hosting: Shopping Made Easy Through Mobile

The popularity of Smartphones has boomed amazingly. Because of this, the traditional shopping has evolved into the more advanced mobile marketplace which makes it possible for Smartphone users to go shopping whenever they want, wherever they want. Here comes the rise of mCommerce.


This is where Miva Hosting comes into place.


Miva hosting basically enables business owners to make their Miva Merchant online store conveniently accessible using mobile phones. It detects a mobile shopper and automatically switches the website to mobile function. This mode is enhanced and tailored for people who uses their Smartphones in surfing and shopping. It makes it a lot easier for them to browse through the mobile site.


What are the advantages of Miva Hosting?


1.  Website Customization


This allows businesses to display the image they want to project. Branding is of the essence in order to compete in the market. Making use of precisely the same e-commerce software as every other business on the market will not help in elevating their exposure. With the use of Morph technology of Miva, business owners can have full artistic control over the way their online stores appear.


2. Inventory Monitoring Accuracy


Miva hosting enables businesses to track their stocks and get notifications whenever they run low on items. It is also possible to modify a message to the customers which allows them to have an idea if their chosen item is in stock and how many are left. Other features of Miva Hosting are placing order minimums and recommending other items to buy, or personalizing a cool and trendy message during checkout depending on the shopper’s order total.


3. Shipping Rates Calculation


Numerous business owners are having trouble calculating the accurate shipping cost. Underestimating it can have a big effect on the earnings. Overcharging, on the other hand, can blemish the reputation and lose customers. Miva hosting provides actual time shipping quotes from UPS and FedEx according to distance and weight. Tables and charts can also be set up to make the buyers see the range of shipping prices.


4. Optimization


Search Engine Optimization is what drives exposure in the international marketplace. In order to appear on the first pages of the popular search engines like Yahoo and Google, this technique must be applied diligently.


Miva hosting includes templates where the they can input keywords, titles and descriptions to all web pages by simply completing three pages: the Storefront, Product Display and Category Display. Instead of going to each page one by one, Miva does this important function. This does not only improve web traffic, it also saves so much time and effort.


5. Data Storage


Having a limited data storage space is definitely a major concern especially because online stores necessitates displaying a lot of photos and other relevant information. With Miva Hosting, the business owners instantly gain access to their websites to transfer all details, from shopper lists to item inventory. It is also possible to export all of the information for offline processing to a protected place on the website. This helps keep the data secure and helps remedy the data storage requirements.

How To Choose An Ecommerce Website Hosting Provider

Choosing an efficient ecommerce website hosting company is a vital phase to be sure that the online business site is reliable in offering secure service. However, the undertaking has become challenging at present because of the growing number of web hosting providers to select from. This is why it is most effective to be very careful in the selection process to be able to attain the ideal results.


The search for an ecommerce website hosting provider that matches the business’ needs is going to require a thorough research. Listed here are some factors that should be taken into account when researching.


1. The downtime score should be minimal.


Percentage of downtime is one of the most critical factors that need to be inspected before deciding to enroll for a service. Whether or not the website is intended to be income generating is not of the essence. When there is an excessive amount of outages, chances are that people will have trouble visiting the website.


Studies show that the endurable downtime every month is just 0.1% or somewhere around 40 minutes. Anything greater than one to two percent indicates that the service provider may be experiencing some issues. The problem may merely be on the inside. However, it could also be more serious such as a hacking hazard. No matter what it is, it only signifies the need to look somewhere else. However, if that occurs just for a month, it could only be bad luck and just a one time thing. If that problem is frequently happening, keep in mind that there are still other ecommerce website hosting companies with more appealing uptime ratings at a similar price.


2. The service provider should have a good history.


First of all, business owners who are searching for an ecommerce website hosting company must verify the background and size of their business. How long has the firm been running their web hosting business? Does it cater only a small scale of customers, or does it serve a wider range of customer sites? There are nearly twenty thousand hosting companies registered in the USA. Yet, only a small number of them survive the first year. To be able to examine a provider’s initial registration date, execute a WhoIs search on their web domain before deciding to use their services.



3. The customer support should be satisfactory.


A good customer service is undoubtedly important in making sure that each and every after-sales problem will be attended to and resolved straight away. For example, the scheduled maintenance of the host server needs to be announced to the customers all of the time. Even so, some companies are not able to alert their customers, which may only jeopardize their online companies.


Having an understanding of the accessibility of the customer service is important considering that this is a spot where it is fairly easy to cut down the expenses.


4. The included extra features must be checked.

Check the added features that the provider present to make their web hosting expert services much more appealing? They can include energy-saving methods, regular data backups, multiple data facilities, or free domain privacy. These ecommerce website hosting companies commonly offer much more than just servers.

What are the Benefits of E-Commerce Website Development

No matter whether the business is already huge or still starting small, entrepreneurs still desire to enhance their business in every way possible. It cannot be denied, too, that the Internet is skyrocketing in its popularity these days. It is in this light that many companies also turn to this modern era advancement and make sure they are not left behind.


E-commerce website development helps the business owners to walk side by side with this forward movement. It aids them in becoming closer to their prospective clients through computer or mobile internet. At present, commerce solutions and applications are growing significantly in enhancing the businesses’ online presence and in promoting their products and services across the globe without much difficulty.


Each day, numerous business-related applications and websites are being developed in order to meet the needs of different companies. Yet, to be able to survive and thrive in a very competitive atmosphere, the business owners should be able to bring forth a monumental and instinctive business web design. When the revenue is increasing, it is a sign that the website is user friendly and appropriately designed.


E-commerce website development is also the one responsible for the boom of business oriented applications. Add to it the tremendous versatility and the ease of customization of this type of applications.


Listed below are the important benefits of using E-commerce website development.



1. It aids businesses in reaching their prospect audience without any boundary or limitation. This is the first main advantage of E-commerce website development. It makes it possible for any kind of business situated in any area to easily reach their clients who are located in different parts of the world.


2. It makes the products and services accessible to potential customers at any time of the day, seven days a week. It helps the business owners to be in touch with the clients. On the other hand, it also gives the customers the ability to access the online store site anytime they want.


3. The application used in this website development are SEO friendly. Search Engine Optimization has become famous in this very tight competition of the online market. E-commerce website development offers great visibility to the business by being SEO friendly. It enables it to be more visible in various search engines. In turn, it will also boost the chances of the services and products to be seen by every prospect client.


4. It allows website customization with simplicity. The entrepreneurs can quickly modify and tailor the contents of the website with minimal effort.


5. It helps the business to get effective promotional marketing at affordable and reasonable rates which reduces the entire budget that the business owners may spend for advertisement and publicity.


6. It is highly scalable and safe to expand the online store business.


8. It involves great quality performance with just a few attempts.


9. It makes the business easier to manage. The business owners can easily monitor the overall sales reports along with the user interest through it.